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BERC (Bio-Energy Resonance Compatibility) Energy Safety Rating System.

(A must read article to help explain why certain seemly good foods, drugs, and supplements may not work for you.)

What is the BERC Energy Safety Rating System?

BERC (Bio-Energy Resonance Compatibility) is a newly devised system created by John Bell to hopefully simplify determining what kinds of products work better for the body. BERC is based on the fields of energy medicine and energy health. All humans produce energy fields that flow throughout the entire body and affect all parts of the body. Organs in the body also have their own energy resonant fields. Many nutritionists and supplement and drug manufacturers understand the chemical nutrients in food, supplements, and drugs. But that is only half of the story on what makes an item work for the body. If items are incompatible energy wise, they will stress the body and will not work as well for you no matter how good you think the chemical nutrients are for the item. You must consider the energy compatibility of items to get the full story and determine if an item will work well for you.

 Practitioners involved in applied kinesiology or muscular testing use this very principal to determine if products are good for you or not. During their testing they will have you hold an item or items or hold a probe which is electrically connected to the item(s) they are testing on you. If an item(s) is not compatible with your body, your muscle test (arm strength, hand strength, or other techniques) will weaken. You cannot defeat this action mentally. It just happens automatically. The electrical field of the item(s) you are testing interacts with the electrical field(s) of your body and makes you stronger or weaker based on the compatibilities of the tested item(s) and your body.

This all seems like a mystical practice. But those who have gone through it can see for themselves how their body strength is affected by bad items. There are a few machines out there that can measure the life force energy of a body. But these techniques are not yet tested to try to give more quantitative numbers to the tests. So it remains more a matter of empirical evidence on how you test on strong items versus how you test on weak items. Testing using a life force energy testing machine will proceed in the next couple years.

To keep people from having to always run to their muscle testing people, a technique was developed for self testing. Also many people were tested on the same items and it was found that all people tested similar in many ways. For example all very strong items tested strong for all people. The weaker items tested weaker on all people, but the amount of weakness caused by the item was determined by the sensitivity of the person. Highly sensitive people would test weaker on an item than very clean people. But all people tested lower on most of the same items. Just the quantity or reaction varied based on the sensitivity or overall energy field strength of the individual person.

There is one other exception to the similarity of electrical field patterns and reactions. Some people may have overused or over consumed some products so they may be more reactive to those particular items. For example, if a person eats a lot of sugar every day, they may test weaker on sugar than a similarly sensitive person who eats much less sugar. Or two people with similar overall sensitivities and energy strengths may differ on wheat testing if one person consumes a lot of refined wheat every day and the other person does not eat much wheat. They will both test lower on wheat, but the over-consumer of wheat will test the lowest.

So after testing and comparing many people, it looked like they all had similar energy engines and similar energy field reactions to the same products. Just their personal cleanliness of their body or product overuses made negative reactions stronger or weaker. This looks like a genetics thing. We evolved over many thousands of years from the same basic or similar gene structures. People with similar genetic structures (all of us) then developed similar energy field engines. Blood type or ethnic background seemed to make little difference in the overall energy engine signatures. These may make minor differences but we are much more similar than different from the energy engine perspective. This also explains why all items in the Paleolithic diet test high for almost all people. That is what our genetics and our energy field(s) were made to handle. Modern items (the last 10,000 years) often do not test well because they do not match our genetically developed energy fields. There are some modern items that do test well but many do not.

Hundreds of items were tested to give them a relative energy field compatibility rating for humans in general. The BERC concept of energy interaction with the body extends to anything that is placed into your body or placed on your body or is in the environments around your body. They all affect the body’s energy field strength. More on these in other articles.

Clothing can affect your energy field and energy health. Also the environment around you can affect your body’s energy field strength and health. So a person needs to optimize all of these areas to maximize their overall energy health and wellness.

Acupuncturists also work to improve your energy field strength, energy flow and reducing energy flow blockages. Light therapies also can remove energy blockages. All of the energy medicine fields can work together to increase your overall energy strength and wellness. This will result in greatly improved health for many people.  

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