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Simple Good Health Indicators

Simple Good Health Indicators

Use the following indicators to help monitor your overall health.  Are you getting better or worse?  Most of these are very simple and can be done in the privacy of your own home.  Some may require the purchase of some simple equipment.  Of course you should still see a doctor regularly to get a complete physical with complete testing.



Stool Density

Good: many floating and loose
Bad: hard, rocks, sinkers, or diarrhea
(indicates lack of omega-3 fatty acids, lack of fiber, lack of non-caloric fluids)

Stool Color and Texture

Good: color is brown and smooth even texture
Bad: light pale color, color of the food you ate, undigested food visible
(not chewing your food enough, lack of digestive enzymes, eating processed poor enzyme foods, allergies to foods, intestinal or liver problems)

Skin Condition

Good: soft, moist, smooth, less wrinkles, not much acne (good skin will also attract fewer mosquitoes)
Bad: dry, itchy, scaly, more wrinkles, dandruff, acne
(indicates shortage of omega-3 fatty acids, liver toxicity, and sometimes need more vitamin A and beta carotene)

Fingernail strength and smoothness

Good: thick, smooth, fast growing
Bad: thin, brittle, slow growing
(indicates eicosanoid imbalance, lack of protein, omega-3 fatty acids)

Grogginess upon waking

Good: no grogginess
Bad: a little or a lot of grogginess upon waking
(indicates too many bad eicosanoids affecting central nervous system, may be short B vitamins)

Sleeping time

Good: Need less sleep to feel alert and rested
Bad: Need more sleep than average to feel alert and rested
(indicates too many bad eicosanoids affecting central nervous system rejuvenation time)

Food cravings (for sweets and other carbohydrates)

Good: No cravings
Bad: Substantial sugar and food cravings
(indicates lack of regular substantial protein and high glycemic foods)

Length of time for appetite suppression

Good: hunger suppressed a long time –can go 5 or more hours
Bad: feel hungry in a couple of hours
(indicates poor insulin control, sugar/glucose metabolism, too many high glycemic foods)


Good: Almost no headaches ever
Bad: Frequent and strong headaches
(indicates too many bad eicosanoids, constricted blood vessels, or too many good eicosanoids, dilated blood vessels, too much stress and not dealing well with it)

High/Low Blood Pressure

Good: ideal=115/70
Bad: above 135/90 or below 95/60
(High BP. indicates salt retention in kidneys caused by high glycemic and high salt diets, also too many bad eicosanoids causing blood vessel constriction.  Low BP. indicates possible weak heart, low adrenal or thyroid condition.)

High/Low Cholesterol

Good: 165-205
Bad: above 240 or below 120
(High cholesterol indicates high insulin levels, too much high glycemic foods, lack of soluble fiber, lack of omega-3 fatty acids.  Low can indicate onset of cancer or liver malfunction or insulin levels kept so low that no cholesterol is triggered.)

Overall energy level

Good: Plenty of energy all day long with no after lunch down times
Bad: Low energy often during the day, need stimulants, like caffeine, to keep going
(indicates poor diet, lack of sleep, lack of exercise)

Mental concentration

Good: long mental concentration
Bad: easy lapses of concentration
(indicates hypoglycemia, low blood sugar, poor sugar/insulin control, high glycemic foods and lack of protein that triggers glucagon to boost normal sugar levels)

Percent Body Fat

Excellent: men 6-15%, women 10-20%
Good: men 16-21%, women 21-26%
Fair: men 22-26%, women 27-32%
Poor: men > 27%, women > 33%
(indicates too many high glycemic foods and sugars, skipping breakfast and eating large meals late in day)

Resting Pulse

Excellent: men < 57, women < 64
Good: men 58-65, women 65-72
Fair: men 66-72, women 73-78
Poor: men > 72, women > 79
(indicates cardiovascular fitness, restfulness, and red blood cell-iron level)
Endurance athletes: men < 50, women < 57



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