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Diet Suggestions - Immune and Health Boost

Diet Suggestions - Immune and Health Boost

Overall Diet Strategy and Comments

  • Eating highly bio-compatible foods will not stress the immune system because your immune system will not have to be processing and fighting incompatible items in your GI tract.  To that end I have developed a BERC rating system that measures the Bio-Energy Resonance Compatibility (BERC rating system) of items.  High BERC rated items do not stress the body to be assimilated.  Low BERC rated items will lead to more body and immune stress which is bad.  This also applies to all food and supplements.    A complete list of BERC rated foods and supplements is not included in this document, but the important food items are listed here.  Some BERC approved supplements are listed in the supplement product guide for Lymes people.
  • Back to basics is my main diet theme.  And by basics I mean what remote and past cultures ate who survived very well with none of our modern diseases.  Most of the modern diseases are from eating the modern diets which started just recently – last 50-100 years.  Other cultures when they adapt our diet start developing significant disease 20 years later.
  • Eating food from 100% grass feed animals and birds are the very best. If not 100% grass fed, then the general organic type is next best.  After that try to get high quality products without a lot of antibiotics and hormones in the food.  This is very critical and helpful but may be more costly and hard to get for some people.  Just do your best to get high quality meats, eggs, and poultry.
  • Vegan diets (plants only) is a very dangerous and long term unhealthy diet.  You must have animal foods to maintain a healthy immune system and body in general.  Vegans become short of many critical nutrients after 5-10 years.  They have reduced immune systems and reduced body strength and functioning.  Lacto and Lacto-Ova Vegetarians (adding milk and eggs) are a little better, but are still greatly at risk for nutrient deficiencies long term and reduced immune function.  Most of my long term vegan acquaintances all have cancer or some other bad condition and they are not strong.  And they have to take a lot of supplements to just get what they can easily get out of food.  Vegan diet is only good as a short term cleansing diet.  And for that it works well but not as a permanent diet.  And it is definitely not a diet we need here when we are trying to boost the immune system.  Balanced animal and plant diets boost the immune system and produce a healthy body.  So much misinformation out here, it would take a book to just get started on it.
  • Low cholesterol is very bad for a healthy immune system. Yes you read me correctly here – LOW CHOLESTEROL IS BAD.  Anything below 160 is really unhealthy.  You need a total cholesterol reading above 180 for a healthy immune system and hormone and endocrine system.  Even a reading of 250 is fine. People with low cholesterol readings get many diseases and conditions like cancer, inflammatory conditions, auto-immune conditions, and are more prone to infections of all kinds.  They also cannot repair cell damage very well.  Cholesterol does not cause arterial plaque.  The arterial plaque is over 50% bad calcium and then the rest is mostly bad fats and trans fats.  Saturated fats and cholesterol are not found much in the arterial plaque.  Furthermore, there is no individually based dose response on arterial plaque reduction by using cholesterol lowering drugs.  Meaning if you take Lipitor your arterial plaque will not go away or be reduced in proportion to your lowered cholesterol.  Probably won’t be reduced at all.  If you are on cholesterol lowering drugs you need to stop them if you want your immune system to improve.  Don’t be afraid to eat the very important and healthy cholesterol containing foods, they lower a more important arterial sclerosis indicator called homocysteine.
  • Saturated fats are Ok and necessary for you and they taste good.  They contain the very healthy immune boosting vitamins like true vitamin A.  Keep your total fat to a reasonable amount or you might start putting on the weight from the increased calories.  Move into the fat eating category gradually as you may have digestive problems from shortage of fat digestion enzymes like lipase.  Eating a high fat meal will trigger a bile dump from the liver and gall bladder.  If the liver and gallbladder are healthy, you will have no problems.  But if they are plugged up, you may notice some stress from a high fat meal.  So we can fix the liver situation with one of my procedures.
  • Vegetable oils are a serious health problem.  The vegetable oils contain mostly omega-6 type fatty acids and the body gets out of balance.  They are also not very heat stable and get rancid quickly.  Thus the invention of the truly evil trans fatty acids of partially (and even fully) hydrogenated oils.


Important healthy foods to add more to your diet

  • Liver.  Add liver to you diet 1-2 times a week.  Liver is just about the most important and healthiest food possible.  Full of all the B vitamins, B12, A, iron, amino acids, and more all at a very cheap price.  Eat liver and you don’t need all those B100 and some other supplements.  Do not worry about the cholesterol.  That is needed to boost your immune system. Liver from grass feed animals is best but any liver is better than none.  Cook lightly and serve with onions.  Take a hydrochloric acid capsule with the liver meal and all meat meals. Liver once a week used to be a standard for our grandparents and ancestors.
  • Kidneys and all other organ meats from all animals and birds are very good for you. Snack on them all. Don’t throw away that organ sack in that turkey.  Cook it and eat it all.
  • Clams, oysters, mussels.
  • Herring, salmon, sardines.
  • Quality beef of all kinds.  Organic is best but it does not have to be organic.  Just eat more red meat.  Not so much pork though.  Just good Iowa 100% all beef.
  • Deep sea fish of all kinds.  Other fish is good also.  Don’t worry too much about the possible mercury stories.  You can use my recommended Zoelite (Natural Cell Defense) to get that all out.
  • Eggs of all kinds.  Range feed is the best and is often at the stores.  Eat 6 or more eggs a week if possible. Eat the yolk for sure, that is the most important for nutrition. Skip the whites if you want but always eat the yolks.
  • Real butter.  Never use margarine.  Butter is very good tasting and very healthy for the body and immune system.
  • Raw milk – not pasteurized and not homogenized and full fat. Raw milk is very healthy and will boost the immune system. This is the only truly healthy and nutritious form of milk.  Probably cannot get this in Iowa, so my only other acceptable milk product is the Kalona organic non homogenized whole milk.  This is increasingly available in the Iowa stores. That is Ok but not nearly as good because it has been killed by the heat pasteurization process.  But at least the fat and other things have not been destroyed by the homogenization product.  Only get the whole full fat milk of any kind you buy.
  • Good oils and fats – cod liver oil, palm oil, coconut oil, sesame oil, olive oil, lard and tallow.
  • Wellness filtered water, Fiji water, artesian well water, farm well water is acceptable if the mineral content is not too high.
  • Celtic or other high quality sea salt.


Other good foods to eat

  • Almonds, walnuts, brazil nuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds.  Most other nuts and seeds except those on the bad list.
  • Lots of vegetables including potatoes, yams, peppers, romaine and leaf lettuce, carrots, peas, and many others except those on the bad list.  Eat a lot of vegetables with your meat plate.  No fruits with your meat plate.
  • Selected fruits eaten in between meals.  Most fruits should not be eaten with the main protein and vegetable meal.  Have your fruit desert or snack much later or in between meals.  Fruits like apples, raisins, all berries (except strawberries), avocado, pears, plums, coconut plus many others not on the bad list.
  • It is important to get plenty of bio-compatible vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds. Notice grains and legumes are not mentioned here.  They are not generally good for you to eat in large quantities.  Most legumes are toxic and should not be eaten at all. Only green peas and lima beans are highly acceptable from the legume family.  All yeasted grains and grain products are unhealthy.  Hmmm.  That is what we mostly eat……. Unyeasted grain products like pasta and noodles are better for you.  However don’t put that tomato paste sauce on them (see banned list).  Place some good oils and vegetables on your noodles.  The worst grains are you guessed it – the most common ones – corn, wheat, rice.  My only highly recommended bread is French Meadow breads made without yeast.  I highly recommend their spelt and spelt raisin cinnamon breads made without yeast.  You might be able to get the French Meadows breads since they are headquartered out of Minneapolis.  Instead of grains with the meal have potatoes – baked, boiled, mashed, even instant mashed potatoes with real butter works well.
  • Yes, you can eat some high quality yeasted bread and bread products, but I find almost all people do much better by not consuming many of these products.  This is the hardest part of this diet.  Yeasted bread products are everywhere and it is nearly impossible to completely avoid them.  But work at it, say no more than 2 yeasted bread serving units a day or something like that.
  • A good acceptable treat is dark chocolate with 60% or more cocoa.  Rates high in bio-compatibility (BERC) rating and works for almost all people.  Milk chocolate however is banned.
  • Acceptable sweeteners are brown rice syrup, black strap molasses, and honey.
  • Eat more raw foods.  Do not over cook your foods when possible.  All beef eat rare or medium rare.  Well done will kill some of the healthy benefits of many meats and vegetables.


Really Bad Foods to avoid as much as possible

  • Soy and all soy products – soybeans, soy milk, soybean oil, soy protein, soy additive in things like cereal, soy lecithin.  Anything with much soy it is very unhealthy.  Modern soy contains toxins, stresses the hormones, creates high estrogenic effect on the body, does not digest well.  So much hype here made up by the very powerful soy lobby.  Basically soy is not fit for animal or human consumption.  The BERC rating of all soy is just above a poison.
  • Yeast of all kinds – bakers yeast, brewers yeast, nutritional yeast.  This means try to avoid any products made with much yeast.  This includes all yeasted breads, cakes, and on and on.  There are also many supplements claiming all plant based nutrients that use yeast as their main form of getting their nutrients.  Those will stress the body and will probably not work well for you.  You will just be wasting your money on those.  The BERC rating for yeast is very low and is toxic for people with a fungal infection.
  • All non-nutritive sugars.  That means all regular calorie sugars including organic and all calorie free sweeteners. “Organic sugar” is just as bad for you as regular sugar.
  • Any food containing mold or any products made from mold.
  • Trans fats, margarine, and shortening.  All partially or fully hydrogenated oils.  Check the labels carefully.  Many say 0 trans fat and still have it.  If a product has less than .5 gm trans fat per serving, they can place 0 trans fat on the label.
  • Low fat milk of any kind – Skim and 1% are especially bad for you.   Also try to avoid drinking any pasteurized and homogenized milk. This is the standard milk at the stores and is not healthy for you.  Organic milk that is pasteurized and homogenized is still bad for you.  Try finding real raw milk.  Or if not that then buy non homogenized Kalona type whole milk.  Your last choice for milk is whole regular milk.  But do not drink too much of that.  Goat milk is Ok as that is never homogenized.
  • MSG – mono sodium glutamate.  Popular salt flavoring that will stress the heart and nervous system.


Other bad foods to try to reduce where you can

  • Tomatoes and all tomato products.  This is a tough one because that includes America’s favorite “ketchup” and steak sauces and who gets a sandwich without tomatoes or a salad without tomatoes and who has spaghetti without tomato sauce or pizza without tomato sauce.  Only allow yourself just a little of the tomato products.  They are all not very bio-compatible and will disrupt and stress the digestive system and can cause other problems when you eat many tomatoes or tomato based products.
  • Milk Chocolate
  • Regular processed table salt.  Use sea salt.
  • Mushrooms of all kinds.
  • Peanuts, pistachio nuts, macadamia nuts, cashews.
  • Spinach prepared any way – raw or cooked and collared greens.  Than means no spinach salads! Use romaine or leaf lettuce instead.
  • Raw broccoli and raw cauliflower
  • Melons and seedless grapes.  The ever popular seedless grapes especially should be avoided.
  • Strawberries are also not very bio-compatible.  All other berries are excellent; just don’t eat very many strawberries.
  • All soda pop, black teas, and iced tea.  Coffee is fine just no milk creamer in it.
  • Gluten grain type foods – wheat, rye, barley, etc. In general try to eat fewer grains of all kinds.  Sure whole grains are better but not much.  Any grain with yeast in the product is not as good for you as unyeasted grain products like pasta.
  • Pizza of all kinds is bad.  Contains yeasted wheat, tomatoes, milk products, and bad table salt.
  • Almost all legumes should be mostly avoided.  Soy is listed in the critical avoid list.  But all dry type peas and beans fit this category you should try to avoid them for the most part.  The only acceptable legumes are the green peas, lima beans, and lentil beans.
  • Highly processed and packaged foods.
  • Processed meats like bologna, hot dogs, sausage, brats.
  • Melons and seedless grapes
  • Sweetened fruit juices. Must be 100% juice to be acceptable.  And then do not drink too much of the sweet tasting fruit juices.
  • Chicken or turkey with antibiotics and hormones.  Pure organic chicken is expensive but you can more easily and affordably get antibiotic and hormone free chicken in the stores.  However, when you go out to eat, all of the chicken is the cheap factory drugged chicken.  Avoid ordering chicken when you go out.  Order beef or fish or liver instead with a potato and vegetables.
  • Food preservatives, herbicides, chemical additives.

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